Who We Are

At Assurance Protection Group Inc. we protect people, processes and property. There are very few experts on the planet who have our experience and our vast international network. As integrity is extremely important to us we only give you what you really need, not what you don’t. We are world leaders in security human rights training because we understand that all risk mitigation, regardless of the industry, starts with people.

Who You Are

Our clients have something of value, whether that is their people, processes or property. Our clients are in need of appropriate security tools, continual verification and mentorship to protect their valuable assets. Whether it’s protecting diamonds or communities, APGI knows exactly how to tailor-make a plan for all our clients as an unbiased and independent third party.

Our Philanthropy

At APGI, we believe in helping support humanity. We work with our clients to donate training and mentorship to individuals selected from the communities in which we work. Our trainees are those who are looking to bolster their security, risk assessment and security human rights skills.


Who Our Clients Are